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Searching for a lawyer who genuinely cares about you and doesn’t just see you as another number? Our mission statement is Relentless Commitment to Protect our Clients’ Rights. Always. We look out for your best interest and try to help you receive all the benefits you can to help you and your family.

We’ve been around a long time (in Santa Barbara since 1956), and have a lot of experience we can pull from to help you through your situation. Only 5% of workers’ compensation attorneys are Certified Specialists; our firm has three of them, including one of them in Ventura! We are board-certified, we know how the system works, and we are passionate about helping our clients.

*Our Ventura office is located near the Ventura County Superior Court .

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Do I Need A Lawyer?

While you don’t need a lawyer, it can often increase the likelihood of success, as well as the amount of benefits you may receive. Because we are trained inside and outside in our field, like a surgeon is trained to make an incision, we know all the benefits available to the injured, including opportunities and value your employer or insurance company may not share with you.

According to, 72% of workers in California hire an attorney to handle their claim. The benefits increase received when claimants hire an attorney are typically:


Injured Worker


Permanent Disability Claims


Temporary Disability Claims

There’s no cost to meet with us, so give us a call for a free consultation to see if you might have a claim we can assist with.

Cases We Can Handle

Whether you were injured at work, had a loved one pass away from unsafe working conditions, or work in an office… if you’ve been injured or have a disability, we may be able to help. Types of cases we handle include:

Catastrophic & Complex Injuries

Correctional Officer Injuries

Construction Accidents

Disability Retirement

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Farm & Agriculture Accidents

Industrial Death Claims

Knee, Shoulder, & Elbow Injuries

Longshoremen Injuries

Loss of Hearing, Vision & Blindness

Neck & Back Injuries

Oil Industry Accidents

Peace & Safety Officer Injuries

Repetitive Movement Injuries

Social Security Disability

Truckers & Drivers

Workers’ Compensation

… And Any Other Work Related Injury

Do You Have an Office Near Me?

We have an office near the Superior Court and are proudly serving clients throughout Ventura County in:

Agoura Hills







Port Hueneme

Santa Clarita

Santa Paula

Simi Valley

Thousand Oaks