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When you are unable to work due to a debilitating disability, you could also be facing serious financial difficulties. Social Security Disability is a great way to receive the help you need to prevent you and your family from struggling. However, a great number of people who apply don’t receive benefits due to common errors. A Social Security Disability attorney can greatly enhance the chance of your application being approved. This is because of their knowledge and experience in the field.

If you are seeking supplementary help and need to appeal your Social Security Disability claim in Ventura, we can provide skilled representation to advise you. Our Social Security Disability attorneys and staff in Oxnard and throughout our firm have a proven track record and great information. Contact Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld today for a free consultation.


We’ve prepared a handy guide for you, and it’s located here:


Steps to Take to Apply for Social Security Disability

You can avoid many mistakes that common Social Security applicants make. Learn more about what steps to take and seek the advice of an attorney to begin. 

Personal Information

You have to include a lot of personal information and documentation on your application. Any missing information may result in your application being declined. You must include your birthday, city of birth, Social Security number, and a permanent resident card number if you are not a citizen. You have to list your current and ex-spouses from over the last ten years. You can file with your spouse as a dependent or file separately, depending on which will provide higher earnings. Your spouse will also need to include their Social Security number, birthday, and day of marriage. You will have to include this same information for your children who are under the age of 18 and unmarried. If any children were disabled before age 22, you can add them as well. If you have children between 18 to 19 who are attending higher education, they can also be covered. 

Employment Information

Where you worked has to be included in your application. This involves any jobs you held within the previous two years and beyond. The contact information of your employers, their names, and the start and end date of your tenure must be added. If you are self-employed, you will have to total your net income and add it as well as additional information on your industry. 

Ways of Applying

You can apply online, as it is the easiest and simplest way to have your information processed. Another approach is to go in person and have them schedule you an appointment. For this, you must make sure to bring all the necessary information on hand. You can also apply by telephone, which is great for individuals who are not computer literate or do not have a mode of transportation. You can call 805-830-0290 to apply by phone or to schedule an appointment. 

Consult With Your Social Security Disability Attorney

Our firm can help you manage your appeals process and will speak with the Social Security Administration on your behalf. This includes obtaining and submitting medical, vocational and other evidence, representing you at an Administrative Law Judge hearing and in some cases, filing subsequent appeals.

Find Out Additional Information

You can receive more resources on Social Security Disability benefits from a dependable attorney. Contact Ghitterman today for a consultation. Contact our workers’ compensation attorneys in Santa Barbara, CA for more legal assistance.

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