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In Need of a Visalia Social Security Disability Lawyer?

When your Social Security isn’t being dispersed, you can file an appeal and get legal advice to guide you. Around 64% of Social Security applicants are initially declined. The priceless advice of a Social Security Disability lawyer can greatly enhance your chances of receiving your benefits in a timely manner. If you have already been declined and are petitioning your case, your attorney can gather all the necessary evidence to help you prove your case. 

When you get started on your Social Security Disability application, you can apply with the help of a local lawyer in Visalia, CA. These legal professionals understand what the Social Security Administration needs in order for your application to be successful. Contact Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld today for a free consultation.


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Why Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Visalia, CA?

When you are confused about your Social Security Disability application, you can get some clarity from knowledgeable professionals. It is the duty of lawyers to represent your case in the best light and help navigate around pitfalls.

Review and Appeal Your Case

If you happened to have a declined application and have to file an appeal, your lawyer can create a strategy to help you win your case. Your lawyer will initially review your case in great detail. This will help you decide what the best approach for your appeal is and what steps to take next. They will complete all of the required steps and meet deadlines. This way, your case can be appealed in a timely manner. Your attorney will also inform you on how the appeal process works.

Avoid Errors

A lot of claims are denied because they are riddled with errors. For example, a vast number of applications are incomplete and don’t get approved. Your lawyer can double-check your application to make sure all of the information was accurate and completely filled out and supplement the record to advance your case.

Collect Medical Evidence

The medical evidence you provide is crucial to announce the type of disability that you have. Your attorney can help collect this information and will track down any missing medical tests. They will also organize all of the documentation from healthcare providers in a way that is presentable for the Social Security Administration to review. 

Communicate with Social Security Administration

Any updates that are coming from the Social Security Administration will be given to your lawyer. They can brief you on any changes and also speak with them to answer any questions you may have. 

Represent You at Hearings

Many disability claims are won at the hearing. Your chance of successfully receiving your Social Security Disability benefits can improve with the help of a legal professional. Your attorney can represent you at the conference and display your evidence in a meaningful way. They will develop a strategy to depict your story as one that needs benefits. This way, you are prepared to meet with the administrative law judge and are equipped with the correct information you need.

Learn More About Social Security Disability Lawyers

Get the help you need on your appeal hearing with a local Social Security Disability lawyer in Visalia, CA. Your attorney can direct you on the next steps for the appeal process. Contact Ghitterman, Ghitterman, & Feld today if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation. Contact our workers’ compensation attorneys in Santa Barbara, CA for more legal assistance.

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