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How to Protect Yourself From an Injury Before It Happens


As attorneys representing injured workers, we do our best to assess and meet the employee’s treatment needs, measure disability, and obtain proper compensation.  However, the best protection for an employee is prevention.  Avoiding a workplace injury or setting the stage for when an injury occurs is key to successfully avoiding and managing injury.

Ways to Protect Yourself From an Injury

  1. Safety, Safety, Safety

A safe work environment is a collective goal by both the employer and employee.  The safer the workspace, the less likely it is that injury will occur. Also, ensuring a safe workspace can minimize the extent and scope of an injury.  Make sure your environment is ergonomically set for you and free from hazards.  Report any hazards immediately to your employer.  Use proper tools when performing repetitive or physical labor.  Wear protective clothing if necessary.  Avoid carelessness and horseplay at the job site.  Work with your employer to ensure a fire and safety plan exists and that everyone knows what to do in an emergency.  Know where the fire extinguisher and first aid kits are located.  Simple steps such as these can prevent injury to you and your co-workers.

2. Signage

Employers are required to post certain signage in a workplace concerning who to contact if you are injured and where to seek treatment.  Familiarize yourself with signage in your workplace.  If signage is not posted, notify your employer.  Additionally, make sure that there is signage that properly warns employees and the public as to hazards and safety concerns so that danger can be avoided.

3. Predesignate a Physician With Your Employer

In California, an employee can pre-designate a doctor to treat them initially for a work related injury instead of being sent to the employer’s selected clinic or health provider.  A sample form can be found on our website at

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