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Workers' Comp Benefits For Injured Firefighters And Peace Officers

The job of a police officerfirefighter, prison correctional officer, or sheriff is inherently dangerous. When you put your life on the line daily, there is a greater risk of your getting injured. If this happens, it is important that you are well represented when it comes to obtaining all of the benefits you are entitled to receive. Our lawyers handling peace officer injuries can help in any of our counties: Fresno County, Kern County, Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo County, Tulare County, and Ventura County.

At Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld, our board-certified workers’ compensation attorneys will seek every possible form of compensation for your injuries, leaving no stone unturned. We know how hard you work; we work just as hard for you. Our firm only represents injured workers and individuals. We have never represented employers or insurance companies. We represent employees, and we always will. 

We will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of full compensation for your injuries and disabilities caused by serving our community. You have helped us; let us help you. 

Tough Representation For Those In Tough Jobs

We know that many people who work as police officersfirefighters, or correctional officers will not complain about their injuries, wanting to stay on the job and in service to their communities. Unfortunately, this can result in complications later on and finding that you have to retire because of disabilities caused by your work. For many, this means being unable to find employment in any other field as your disabilities prevent you from working.

We also offer legal help with the following cases of workers’ compensation

The California legislature voted in special provisions for peace and safety officers to ensure that they are taken care of in thanks for their service. We know how to pursue those rights and help you receive all of the benefits you are entitled to under the law. Our firm has handled claims resulting from many types of injuries, including: 

  • Burn injuries 
  • Long-term exposure to smoke or chemicals 
  • Gunshot wounds 
  • Repetitive stress injuries 
  • Hearing loss 
  • Inmate conflict or violence 
  • Threats, stress, and PTSD 

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