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In Need of an Employment Law Lawyer in Santa Barbara, CA?

At Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld, our Santa Barbara employment lawyers have protected the rights of California workers since 1956.

We know that when California employers mistreat their employees, everyone loses.

Productivity suffers, company morale decreases, and a feeling of ill-will develops between the employees and company management. Unfortunately, the unlawful treatment of employees can occur in countless ways throughout the state. That is why we are here.

If your workplace rights have been violated by a public or private employer anywhere in California, our decades of legal experience and extensive resources help our clients pursue the best legal remedies available as we stand side-by-side while holding their employer liable for their overall recovery needs.

With six offices throughout the state, we are dedicated to serving our California workforce when and where they need us. We are more than employment law attorneys, we are advocates who provide precise legal advice and representation that exceeds our clients’ expectations so they can focus on taking back control of their lives.

We are champions for justice, starting with your case. Contact us today to learn more.

California Employment Law Claims Attorneys at Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld

Employment Law

At Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld, our Santa Barbara employment law attorneys represent clients from all walks of life throughout California. We believe your employment rights must be protected no matter where you live or work in the state. Often, this means standing up to a large public or private employer that has unlawfully violated your workplace rights.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for obtaining real results for real clients who need our help when they have suffered employment:

  • Hostile Work Environments.
  • Misclassification.
  • Race, Age, Gender, Pregnancy, and Disability Discrimination.
  • Sexual Harassment.
  • Wage, Hour & Overtime Pay Violations, including Missed Meal & Rest Break Claims.
  • Whistleblower Retaliation.
  • Wrongful Termination.

Most California employment laws apply to employees, whether they are full-time, part-time, temporary, or seasonal workers. Employees are protected by a broad range of federal, state, and local labor and employment laws that must be enforced to ensure they are working in a safe, hostile-free environment.

If you believe your California employment rights have been violated, we can help you understand how your complaint aligns with our laws so you can pursue the best legal remedy available for your unique case.

Evaluating Your Situation for All Possible Claims

As a result, we’re very experienced with many of the issues employees face. We’ve found that many employees have multiple claims, even if they’re not aware of them. For instance, an employee may think they have an employment law claim without realizing they have a workers’ compensation claim too. We are able to make these distinctions and evaluate your situation for all possible claims.

When you schedule a free consultation with us, we will look for all types of claims, including Employment Law, Worker’s Compensation, Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, and Disability Retirement claims, among others. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring you obtain all the benefits you are entitled to receive.

If we determine that you have an employment law claim during your free consultation, we’ll inform you of your rights, and your options and connect you with a top tier firm that specializes in employment law, while also making sure you’re aware of other claims you can pursue.

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At Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld, we have six physical offices in Bakersfield, Fresno, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Ventura, and Visalia, and our top-tier technologies provide a virtual reach to serve clients throughout California. We offer free in-person, telephone, and virtual consultations to offer straightforward legal advice for your unique needs.

Contact us at (805)-214-8888 today to learn more about your legal rights and options to pursue your employer for the unique legal remedy that fits your needs today.