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What To Expect From Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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At GG&F, it is our Mission to Relentlessly Protect your Rights.  Always.  We are here to answer your questions, inform you of your rights, and use our experience to obtain the best possible result for you. We also want to ensure that you understand our role in the process of obtaining the benefits you are entitled to receive in your workers’ compensation case.

Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer: How We Help You

  1. We’re here to relentlessly advocate for you, but we still need your active participation in your case. By informing us of new developments such as changes in your address, health, or other updates, you help us help you. Additionally, although we’re here to answer any questions you have, you will still need to choose your medical providers, make health care decisions, arrange your appointments, cooperate with exams and fill out forms.
  2. Medical treatment is controlled by the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule, Utilization Review and Independent Medical Review.  While we can have an impact on the type of doctor you see (specialists in various fields), we have little influence on obtaining the type of treatment you may obtain.  The State Legislature has largely removed lawyers and judges from the process of obtaining treatment.  We understand how frustrating and painful it can be when medical treatment is delayed.  We will do everything we can to help you obtain treatment; however, much of that outcome is beyond our control.  Even so, we will answer any questions you have and advise you on the next steps.
  3. Lawyers and doctors have different roles. As your law firm, GG&F is here to advise and protect your legal rights throughout your case. Your health care providers are responsible for your medical treatment.  We will handle any legal or medical-legal issue that may arise, and hopefully, your healthcare providers will handle the medical issues. 

We are here to relentlessly advocate for you and ensure that your rights are protected. To learn more about what to expect from GG&F, visit our Who We Are page.

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