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Why Should I Hire A Lawyer?

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Retaining an attorney seems like a daunting prospect, but it’s not. You have much to gain, and little to lose.  Most lawyers provide free consultations, where they evaluate the strength of your case and assess whether hiring a lawyer would be useful to you.

When hiring an attorney, especially one that specializes in worker’s compensation, personal injury, social security disability, or disability retirement, the attorney is usually paid for their time at the end of the case, and only if a recovery has been obtained for you. In fact, their fee comes directly out of the recovery. There is no additional fee for their time.   

Lawyer Can Help You in Your Legal Case

Studies of case outcomes demonstrate that hiring a lawyer increases your odds of winning a case in addition to increasing the average value of settlements and monetary awards received.  One work injury source found that injured workers received approximately 31% greater benefits, permanent disability claims saw a 262% increase in PD benefits, and temporary disability claims averaged 542% more on average for those who hire attorneys versus those who didn’t.  The same source estimates that 72% of California workers currently hire a lawyer to assist them with their claim, leaving only 28% of workers trying to navigate the system alone.

Lawyers also tend to practice in more than one area of law.  This makes hiring a lawyer who is a certified specialist even more important as it provides a distinct advantage due to their familiarity with the complexities and nuances of that type of law and have litigated cases that are similar to yours. Attorneys can use this expertise to navigate your case in the most effective manner. They may also be able to identify additional benefits you may not have realized you were entitled to receive and point you towards useful resources that can provide assistance while you are waiting for your case to move through the legal system.

Although the legal system is extremely slow, even when experts are navigating it, attorneys are familiar with and dedicated to achieving an optimal result. Navigating the legal system without a lawyer can result in additional delays, which are especially inconvenient if you need compensation as soon as possible in order to pay rent, medical bills, or other living expenses.

Clients are also often emotionally attached to their cases, which often have strong implications for their lives and livelihoods. While most law staff strive to be compassionate, they also offer objectivity and support during these difficult times and can set informed and realistic expectations for you regarding the outcome of your case. 

Hiring an attorney has many benefits and scheduling a free consultation has few drawbacks.  It costs you nothing to explore this option other than your time, and can only improve the outcome of your case.

The law firm of Ghitterman, Ghitterman and Feld helps employees in the areas of workers’ compensation, social security disability, disability retirement, personal injury, labor and employment issues. Founded in 1956, the firm now has offices in Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Kern County, Tulare County, and Fresno County. The firm is proud to continue this tradition of securing all available rights for the injured and disabled in our community. For more information about what we do, how we might be about to help, or resources, see our website at

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