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Why Won’t the Carrier Make a Reasonable Offer?


Insurance Companies Use Financial Leverage To Get You To Accept A Lowball Settlement

Insurance companies make money from the premiums they collect from employers.  Every time a company pays money to an injured worker, it loses that money and decreases its profit margin.  The insurance company therefore has an incentive to hold off paying a claim for as long as possible because it earns interest on the money it holds.

Insurance companies are also motivated to try to settle the case for less than fair value.  The less the injured worker is willing to settle for, the greater the insurance company’s motivation to settle the case.  Most insurance companies send a “low ball” offer to settle your case, because it saves the insurance company lots of money if it is accepted.  Insurance companies also know that many people get tired of the process or have compelling financial needs and so they are willing to settle for less than a fair amount.

It is only through relentless persistence and advocacy that Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld are able to persuade the insurance company to pay a reasonable amount.  We use our skill, education, training, knowledge and experience to identify weaknesses and exposure in the insurance company’s assessment to convince the insurance company that to increase its offer.

The law firm of Ghitterman, Ghitterman and Feld helps employees in the areas of workers’ compensation, social security disability, disability retirement, personal injury, labor and employment issues. Founded in 1956, the firm now has offices in Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Kern County, Tulare County, and Fresno County. The firm is proud to continue this tradition of securing all available rights for the injured and disabled in our community. For more information about what we do, how we might be about to help, or resources, see our website at

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