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Work-related deaths and safety violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is often called in to investigate California workplace accidents. Various types of jobs are considered highly dangerous, including but not limited to construction, farming and trucking industries. Each of these types of industries typically involve heavy equipment, machinery and vehicles that place workers and others at risk for accidents and injuries. When work\-related deaths occur, there are usually many concerned people waiting to hear whether company owners or others were negligent and responsible for particular incidents.

How to keep teens safe from workplace accidents

There's a special sector of workers in California and throughout the nation, comprised mostly of young people under age 18. Every state has its own laws regarding teen workers, and the U.S. Department of Labor has also enacted several laws to protect the health and safety of teens in the workforce. Many teens, however, are at risk for workplace accidents, especially those who are unaware of the laws, as well as particular hazards that may be present in their work environments.

Work-related deaths often shrouded in mystery

Every year, families in California and many other states receive unexpected phone calls informing them that loved ones have been seriously injured or killed on the job. Such tragedies occur more often in some fields of employment than others. Work-related deaths are more likely to happen on construction sites or in factories where high-powered machinery is often used rather than business offices or clothing stores, for instance.

California farmers and others at risk for work-related deaths

Whenever studies are done to determine what types of work are the most dangerous in California and throughout the nation, farming always ranks high on the list. In addition to work\-related deaths in the construction and manufacturing industries, farmers often face tremendous risks when operating heavy machinery and carrying out various tasks in the fields. A recent tragedy occurred in another state that took the life of a farmer who had not yet reached age 30.

Poor road conditions and tragic work-related deaths

Anyone who has ever driven on a wet and slippery road understands how dangerous it can be. If the vehicle being driven at the time is an enormous tractor (that happens to be fully loaded with firewood) such inclement conditions may prove disastrous. Work-related deaths on California farms often involve equipment or heavy machinery mishaps.

Seeking help regarding issues associated with work-related deaths

One can only imagine the shock and grief associated with losing a loved one due to a workplace accident. Work-related deaths in California are always tragic, many times involving serious motor vehicle accidents or mishaps with heavy machinery. Trying to navigate the system regarding workers' compensation benefits can be quite stressful for an immediate family member who is acting in the aftermath of a loved one's death.

Work-related deaths on farms often involve heavy machinery

Agriculture is considered a staple industry in the United States, but it may also be in the top high-risk categories for most dangerous jobs. Work-related deaths on farms in California and other states often involve heavy machinery. One such tragedy occurred on a farm in another state that left a mother grieving the loss of her son.

Work-related deaths must be reported within 8 hours

It is obviously tragic when a worker is killed in an on-the-job accident in California or any other state. There are laws that govern such matters, including one that requires employers to report work\-related deaths within eight hours of their occurrence. A recent situation has developed in another state where an employer is accused of failing to do so.

Company shutting down after work-related deaths

Some workers in California may have had the sorrowful experience of mourning the loss of a colleague because of a workplace accident. It is rare that multiple work\-related deaths would occur in the same company. However, that is just what happened at a company in another state. Though the two deaths occurred within a week of each other, the accidents do not appear to be related.

Investigations of work-related deaths complicated, time consuming

Many people in California and throughout the nation bid their loved ones farewell as they head off to work each day. One can only imagine the horror of learning that a family member who said good-bye will never be coming home. Work-related deaths cause grief and devastation in families, businesses and communities.

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