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Devastating workplace accidents like this are not soon forgotten

Many California residents make their livings in the plumbing industry. Those who work on commercial buildings often face safety risks on the job, especially if a particular job site is under construction at the time. When workplace accidents occur, causing serious injuries or death, those directly involved are not the only ones affected.

Workplace accidents common in construction, logging and farming

Ask anyone in California what type of work is most dangerous and they are likely to include construction, farming or logging in their reply. There are other inherently dangerous jobs as well, but these three industries carry high risks for personal injury. When workplace accidents occur, they often lead to challenging situations when recovering victims or the surviving families of loved ones lost attempt to file claims within the workers' compensation system.

Safety regulations often reviewed after workplace accidents

For workers who carry out their duties outside traditional office spaces, risks for personal injury often run high. For instance, the California construction industry and other jobs involving regular use of heavy machinery or high-powered tools are considered some of the most dangerous jobs in the nation. When workplace accidents occur, employers often try to regroup and make amends by reviewing safety regulations and upgrading protocol as needed.

Heavy machinery leaves employees prone to workplace accidents

California workers who make their livings on farms, in construction or industrial lines of work understand how dangerous an average day on the job can be. While these are not the only types of jobs with safety risks, they are definitely among those that rank highest for workplace accidents. Often, such mishaps involve heavy machinery or high-powered tools and equipment. 

Some jobs more prone to workplace accidents than others

If you're currently employed in the construction, farming or public service industries in California, you join thousands of other workers in the nation whose jobs are inherently dangerous. Due to heavy machinery, power tools, traffic and other related issues, these, and several other work arenas, are considered high risks for workplace accidents. Employers are obligated to provide appropriate training and make every effort to keep workers safe on the job.

Workplace accidents can lead to other unexpected problems

There are many types of dangerous jobs in California. For instance, those who work on farms or in the construction industry are no strangers to various safety risks on the job. Not all workplace accidents occur in inherently dangerous places though. Office workers or others whose duties are carried out in relatively calm environments can also get hurt when they least expect it.

Common workplace accidents

The workplace accidents that you may see on the news are the ones that involve falls from great heights, loss of limbs or other catastrophic injuries. Tragic as these events are, they are only a small portion of the kinds of accidents that people suffer on the job in California and across the country.

Farmers at high risk for workplace accidents

Many California workers earn their livings on farms. They, and other employees whose work is considered dangerous, are often at high risk for workplace accidents. To maintain safety on the job, employers are obligated to provide appropriate training, as well as arrange equipment inspections and maintenance on a regular basis.

Employer obligations regarding workplace accidents

In California and all other states, employers are obligated to provide proper job training to their workers, as well as to make every effort possible to keep employees safe on the job. Workplace accidents seem to occur more frequently in certain types of industries than others. However, regardless of what type of job is being done when an on-the-job accident occurs, an employer has certain obligations and responsibilities to fulfill after the fact.

What to expect following serious workplace accidents

Some jobs are obviously more dangerous than others. All California employees (as well as those in other states) have a right to reasonably expect employers to protect their safety on the job, even when the workplace is a river barge. Workplace accidents caused by substandard safety precautions are a major concern in some areas. A recent incident occurred in another state that injured two workers.

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