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Farm and Agricultural Accidents

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Helping Injured Farm Workers Across Southern California

California farm workers face dangerous working conditions on a daily basis. If you work in agriculture and have suffered a work injury, how can you make sure your rights are protected as you seek workers’ compensation benefits? 

At Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld, we are strong advocates for injured farm workers throughout Southern California. Our clients include injured pickers, packers, processing plant workers, transportation professionals and others in the agriculture industry. 

Our lawyers are board certified in workers’ compensation law  and have a proven record of success obtaining results for injured farm workers. 

Compensation For Farm Accident Injuries

Farms can be dangerous places to work, exposing workers to accidents that can leave them injured and disabled. Some of the most common farm accidents include: 

  • Tractor accidents 
  • Combine accidents 
  • Injuries caused by livestock 
  • Head, neck, and back injuries 
  • Exposure to pesticides and other toxic substances 

Are You Suffering From A Repetitive Stress Injury?

Farm injuries are not always the result of a specific accident. Repetitive stress injuries such as back injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome can develop over a long period of time, having a debilitating effect on farm workers, no matter what their age. 

Farm work can require repeated motions such as stooping, crouching, bending and use of the hands. Days, weeks, and years of these repeated motions can take their toll, leaving workers temporarily or permanently disabled. Our firm is equipped to help you in all aspects of your case, including seeking workers’ compensation benefits and Social Security Disability benefits. 

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