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Tristan Oliver

My case took 8 years to resolve due to a broken worker’s compensation system. While my settlement was worth a lot to me it cost Ghitterman Ghitterman & Feld more to represent me than my case was worth. Because of this I will always be grateful for their support and commitment to helping someone like


Years of good advice, and when it came down to the end, a quick and satisfying settlement. Thanks for all the help!

Kathy Geniesse

Benjamin Feld was amazing! I should have retained him for my OWCP case also. I had been out of work and money for almost a year. Mr. Feld got me my SSDI in 2 month on contingency, which was greatly appreciated! That was 2 years faster than the nightmares that everyone hears about. I was

Gayle Rasmussen

The Ghitterman group helped me immensely over the years, and when it was time to retire and settle, the transaction was quick and painless.


Jan Kaestner was top notch. Easy to work with, honest and supremely qualified. Thank you for taking my case and thank you for your goodness throughout the process.

Elizabeth Cosband

It took a while but I was very pleased. Your office was always great even when I was not happy. Thank you for all the hard work I appreciated it tremendously.