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Am I Entitled to Any Benefits After My Workers’ Compensation Case Closes?

What Can I Do, If  My Workers’ Compensation Case Is Closed? My workers’ compensation case is closed. Does that mean everything is over? Are there any other benefits in the workers’ compensation system that I am entitled to? You should ask yourself these questions because you may be able to access additional benefits after your

What Rights Do People with Disabilities Have in the Workplace?

31 years ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law. This landmark piece of legislation made discrimination against people with disabilities unlawful in the workplace, schools, transportation, and other parts of the public sphere. As a result of this law and many others, the 61 million American adults with disabilities have far more

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5 Things Your Employer Must Do

5 Important Things Your Employer Must Do California employees have many rights and protections under California law. Some are obvious; for example, an employer must pay you for time worked.  However, there are many actions taken by an employer that may be illegal.  This list explores five common instances where employer actions are prohibited. If