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Supporting Children of Injured Workers

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Starting in July 2021, we partnered with Kids’ Chance of California and Kuhtz Diehl Insurance to fund more scholarships for children of seriously or fatally injured workers.

When we first partnered with Kuhtz Diehl Insurance, an organization that helps seniors and the disabled with the Medicare enrollment process, the benefits of their services to our clients were apparent. Many of our clients become eligible for Medicare after being approved for Social Security Disability benefits and are often in need of guidance when it comes to enrolling and choosing a plan. Kuhtz Diehl Insurance can provide that guidance—at no cost to clients.

As this relationship was forming, both of our organizations decided that it was in alignment with our values to make a donation to further assist the disabled for each successful referral.

For each successful referral of a GG&F client to Kuhtz Diehl Insurance, Kuhtz Diehl has agreed to make a donation to Kids’ Chance of California, an organization that has provided many children of injured workers with scholarships to help them attend college without shouldering a significant amount of student loans.

With this program, we hope to help our clients, while also giving back to families of injured workers by supporting the meaningful work that Kids’ Chance of California is doing.