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Kaylen Steele

Firm Administrator

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Kaylen graduated from the University of Florida with her M.A.E. in Curriculum and Instruction specializing in English Speakers of Other Languages in 2010 and her B.S. in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences in 2006.

Before joining the firm, Kaylen worked for an international accounting association as a project manager over their website and database upgrade as well as a liaison to vendor partners and a senior manager of client services and events. Prior to joining the accounting realm, Kaylen was responsible for learning and development for the University of Florida’s Department of Housing and Residence Education coordinating and administering professional development trainings to office professionals. Whether for accountants, attorneys, clients, or colleagues, Kaylen’s passion is helping people.

Joining the GG&F team in 2018 as the Marketing Manager, and then becoming the Firm Administrator in 2019, she is responsible for the firm’s marketing, office management, and Human Resources. She helps get the word out to folks who are injured or disabled in need of services, as well as helps equip our offices and teams to best serve our clients.