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Lifesize™ Video Conferencing

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Video Conferencing With Lifesize™

We invest in cutting edge technology not just to bring you the best and the brightest, but also to save injured workers and far away clients from having to travel to us. If you have an appointment with someone from our team set via Lifesize, then this is where you will come to connect.

On the day of your appointment (or before if you want to test your system), please get logged in 15 minutes ahead of time. Be sure you are on this page from a computer with a camera, microphone, and internet connection. Or you can join from your cell phone/smartphone as long as you have cell phone service or wifi.

To join the call, simply click the button below. It will take you to the Lifesize website where you can access the Lifesize website to log in or create an account.. Follow the prompts on the Lifesize site to download & run Lifesize.