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Why Won’t the Carrier Make a Reasonable Offer?

Insurance companies make money from the premiums they collect from employers.  Every time a company pays money to an injured worker, it loses that money and decreases its profit margin.  The insurance company therefore has an incentive to hold off paying a claim for as long as possible because it earns interest on the money

Opioid Crisis in the Workers’ Compensation System

More than 130 people in the United States die every day from overdosing on opioids according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) National Vital Statistics System.  According to the CDC, opioid deaths are a leading cause of injury-related death in the United States. Of those deaths, almost 68% involved a prescription or

Why is it so hard to get Medical Treatment?

For over 100 years, the worker’s compensation system allowed an injured worker to receive treatment that would help him or her get better or feel better from their work related injuries.  In 2003, the State Legislature changed how the injured worker was able to obtain treatment, taking the question of treatment out of the hands of the judges and lawyers,

I am on Social Security.  Can I still get Workers’ Compensation?

When an employee suffers a significant injury or disability, there may be many benefits that they are entitled to.  The two most common longer term benefits include Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability benefits.  Workers’ Compensation is a State run program paid to employees through their employer’s insurance coverage.  Social Security Disability is paid to