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5 Things Your Employer Must Do

5 Important Things Your Employer Must Do California employees have many rights and protections under California law. Some are obvious; for example, an employer must pay you for time worked.  However, there are many actions taken by an employer that may be illegal.  This list explores five common instances where employer actions are prohibited. If

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Will Refusing My Employer’s Job Offer While I Am Recovering Affect My Case?

What Can I Do My Employer Job Offer During I Am Recovering Affect My Case? If your condition has not yet stabilized or reached “permanent and stationary” status, your employer may offer you different work that you can perform safely while you are recovering, or they may offer you a reduced work schedule.  However, the

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What Kind of Case Do I Have?

Here at Ghitterman, Ghitterman & Feld, we help to relentlessly pursue our client’s right to recovery benefits allowed by law.  Many times, one situation may give rise to more than one type of claim, including a personal injury claim, a worker’s compensation claim, a social security disability claim, a disability retirement claim, and others. Below

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Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation If I’m Undocumented?

Can Undocumented Affect My Worker Compensation? In the workers’ compensation system, all workers, regardless of their immigration status, are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. The workers’ compensation system is intended to help employees who are injured on the job to receive replacement wages (temporary disability), medical treatment, and permanent residual impairment compensation whenever an

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What is Medicare Set Aside?

What is Medicare Settlement Aside? When a worker’s compensation case settles, Medicare wants to make sure that it will not have to pay for medical treatment that would have been covered by the WC carrier. Consequently, vendors are hired to predict and estimate your annual medical care costs for your work injuries during the remainder of

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What Benefits Can I Receive In A Worker’s Compensation Case?

If your claim is accepted, you are entitled to Temporary Total Disability (TTD) payments in the event you are not able to work due to your work injury. TTD benefits are calculated based on 2/3 of your Average Weekly Earnings based on your earning capacity, not necessarily your actual wages.  TTD benefits continue until the doctor