I am on Workers’ Compensation and Went Back to Work, but I Got Injured Again. What Do I Do?

No one wants to have a Workers’ Compensation claim, not the employee or the employer.  But injuries happen without warning!  When you do have an injury at work, the best case is for your employer to get you back to work in some capacity and as soon as possible.   However, sometimes returning to the workplace puts you back at risk for another injury or a worsening of the injury you already have.  Here is what you should do if you believe you have been injured again at your place of work.

Report the Injury

As with any work injury, it is extremely important to let your employer know that you were injured so they can direct you to appropriate treatment and so there is no dispute about when/where the injury occurred.  You should be asked to fill out paperwork describing how and where you got hurt. 

Get Medical Treatment

Seek appropriate medical care.  If you need emergency care, visit a local emergency room.  If you do not need emergency care, have your employer direct you to the appropriate medical provider for initial treatment of your injury.

Seek Legal Assistance

The important question that will arise is whether this is a new injury or whether it is an aggravation or acceleration of your prior injury.  You should not make assumptions about any new injury.  There are significant legal questions arising from any new injury which are best answered by the medical and legal experts.